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Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, Inc.

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable non profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abused, neglected and abandoned horses and farm animals. We also work to educate the public and potential equine adopters regarding humane, responsible horse care, animal welfare, and good horsemanship.. Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated and tax deductible. Our mailing address is: 4760 Preston Road #244-313, Frisco, TX 75034
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, Inc.
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, Inc.May 4, 2017 @ 22:27
A song from Charlie Brown to our friend & hero, Randy Travis, for his bIrthday. May you and your wonderful family have a blessed year filled with love, peace & happiness from all of your friends here at Becky's Hope Horse Rescue.
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, Inc.
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, Inc.May 2, 2017 @ 13:51
We love that Bubbles' story continues to touch people. Thank you hyperdojo.com!!
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, Inc.
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, Inc.Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, Inc. added 3 new photos.Apr 23, 2017 @ 16:00
In loving memory of Louis M. Gonzales. We received a beautiful letter, these great pictures and a generous donation in Louis' memory from his sister, Frances Cuellar. Louis served our country in WWII and became a remarkable horse trainer. We are honored to share Louis Gonzales' story. His family is in our thoughts.
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, Inc.
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, Inc.Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, Inc. added 10 photos and a video — at Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, Inc..Apr 18, 2017 @ 15:39
Under the rainbow! Donkeys playing, horses grazing and all of us volunteers stand watching & laughing. Becky's Hope is here under the rainbow, fighting for animals for almost 2 decades now because of all you great people who believe in helping us be a voice for the voiceless, a safe haven for unwanted animals. Thank you for standing with us.

While we have recently lost some beloved animal friends... So far, this month we found loving homes for 5 horses that were once unwanted and have rescued 6 horses, 2 cows and a handsome mule from various situations. We are involved with numerous investigations that we hope will end with us saving even more lives. This is what we do every month and all of this is because of good people, like you!

There are lots of ways to help from volunteering to donating and from sponsoring to adopting. Sharing our message and speaking out when you see an animal in danger. It takes all of us but we will make a difference when we work together.

Thank you for being the HOPE from all of us (2 legged and 4) here at Becky's Hope! #kindnessworks #rescueworks
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, Inc.
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, Inc.
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, Inc.Apr 18, 2017 @ 12:42
❤️Sign❤️ We love this beautiful, new sign that welcomes people to our rescue! This sign represents who we are in more than the obvious way... The project was a labor of love by a group of people who worked together to create it, build it and install it at no cost to Becky's Hope.

Valerie & Cody Francis, beloved members of the BHHR family, came up with the concept and contacted the best sign company in DFW, First Graphic Services. Patrick McHenry, another long time friend of the rescue made the frame. First Graphic Services, Inc. generously designed, produced and installed it. They are the top of their field for a reason. Not only are they unbelievable artisans, they are professional, easy to work with and locally owned. Their team handled everything... the design, the permitting and the logistics with the city of Frisco. First Graphic Services kindness, generosity and professionalism gave us a gift that will be proudly displayed at our entrance for everyone to see. We absolutely love it!

Please join us in thanking Valerie, Cody, Patrick and First Graphic Services. We couldnt have this wonderful new sign with them! #KindnessWorks
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, Inc.
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, Inc.Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, Inc. added 4 photos and a video.Apr 15, 2017 @ 15:17
Big Star Winners! We are thrilled that two of our rescue family members, Chris & Camden Williamson, not only ran but placed! Thank you to everyone who participated in the Texas Big Star Half Marathon & 5K today in Frisco! We are honored to have been one of the charity partners. It is amazing what can be done when we all work together. Hope to see you all next year! #texasbigstar
Click to read the BUBBLES STORY, lovingly written and illustrated by Linda, a BHHR volunteer extrordinaire! Now Available for Purchase at Amazon (click to purchase. Share with a loved one. All Proceeds benefit BHHR.

Taking the internet by storm, the most unlikely of horses was recently welcomed home to Becky's Hope Horse Rescue in Frisco, Texas.

He has become so popular, he has his own Facebook page, and has been featured on Media outlets around the globe!  Follow his story, and the stories of others, whose rescue is made possible by your generous donations.
Here's how it happened, according to Sue Chapman, the founder of Becky's Hope:
BUBBLES!! A story to warm your heart! When we went to bail the mini donkeys from the kill lot, this skinny, grey gelding walked straight up to our trailer, past the gates, disregarding the commands of the kill lot employees.

He was intent that this was his ride out of there. We stood there staring as this old guy with crumbled ears from frostbite waited patiently for the group of mini donkeys to catch up so he could jump on the "freedom trailer" out of there. There was just no way we could leave him behind!

Thanks to your overwhelming generosity, we had just enough money left over to pay his bail. This sweet, old man won our hearts the minute he decided it was the perfect time to escape the kill lot. It seems that he thought nobody would notice him escaping if he simply mixed in with the mini donkeys!
Bubbles is now safe here at Becky's Hope where he continues to hang out with his mini donkey cohorts. If you need a gift for the animal lover in your life...consider giving them the gift of love by sponsoring Bubbles in their name. He has lots of love to give!

Bubbles The Rescue Horse

Sold at auction to the Kill Pen, (Mexico slaughter pipeline) this handsome gelding made his way thru multiple gates, commands of kill pen employees and down the "shoots" to hitch a ride on Becky's Hope Horse Rescue's Freedom Trailer. While they were loading up 9 mini donkeys, Bubbles (the name given to him by the rescue) patiently waited for his turn. The last two steps on the trailer that afternoon were those of Bubbles. Not knowing where he came from or what he has faced in his prior life, all we know now, is that he has frost bitten ears and a heart of gold. He will never have to wonder if he is loved, if he will have food or water because now, he has a safe haven. He has a place to call home and we are so thrilled he chose us. Who Rescued Who?
Bubbles The Rescue Horse
Bubbles The Rescue HorseMay 24, 2017 @ 4:26
Hello! That you out there? It's me, Bubbles! Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Happily yours, Bubbles.
Bubbles The Rescue Horse
Bubbles The Rescue Horse added 4 new photos.May 23, 2017 @ 4:17
Doing my morning rounds! First checked on Hope - no baby yet - then DB and Chewy! It's a big transition for these two! Chewy' doing real well but it's a tough road for DB! We know the poor girl has been through hell and back so we're praying she'll be ok. She looks a little better each day. She's being monitored with veterinary care so we will keep you posted with her progression! Love, Bubbles
Bubbles The Rescue Horse
Bubbles The Rescue Horse feeling sorry.May 22, 2017 @ 7:06
Morning 'all! I overslept today! Hope they got chores done ok without me! Gotta run check - catch up with y'all soon!
Love, Bubbles
Bubbles The Rescue Horse
Bubbles The Rescue Horse added 9 photos and a video — feeling delighted.May 21, 2017 @ 8:22
A few Sunday morning photos of friends new and old!
Bubbles The Rescue Horse
Bubbles The Rescue Horse added 4 photos and 2 videos — feeling relieved.May 20, 2017 @ 16:18
DB and "Chewy" (final name to be determined) made it home safe and sound! (DB's homecoming came before Hope's baby - we are still on mare watch!)
The two of them will rest quietly in quarantine for the next few days. They have been through a lot of trauma and need time to de-stress! I can't wait till they get settled in! They both seem healthy and DB seems to be a sweet, gentle soul. Little Chewy is a darling sweetheart and is gonna be a lot of fun and a great addition to the mini herd!
Love, Bubbie.
Bubbles The Rescue Horse
Bubbles The Rescue Horse
Bubbles The Rescue Horse feeling happy.May 20, 2017 @ 8:22
One of the volunteers put together this little ditty about my book! I thought it was pretty darn nice of him and told him I'd share with you all! If you want to buy a copy for yourself, (with all proceeds going to benefit Becky's Hope) you can get it on Amazon. That's a two-for-one - you get my book and contribute to BHHR at the same time! Hope you're weekend's starting off good!

Rescue Location

13100 Highway 121, Frisco, Texas, 75035

On the southbound side of 121 between Independence and Coit


Hours: Monday thru Friday 9am - 1pm and 6pm - 8pm. Closed Sundays.

 Mailing Address

Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, Inc.

4760 Preston Road #244-313
Frisco, TX 75034

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